35th St. Studios is located in the historic Landmark (built in 1880) and features the finest in multiple room production, and Digital and Analog (tube) recording. Today’s music is frequently made and produced outside of the mainstream studio situation. The computer age offers so many opportunities that musicians never had just a few short years ago. Preproduction, foundation and backing tracks can be created on a laptop or PC. Albums of many genres can be completed, “In the box”, with the only acoustical element being the voice. So much of the instrumentation can be replicated without the need for a full range of real instruments to be available. But to create the best of anything it is always advisable to have tools of the right standard. Studio A is a full service and full stage production environment perfect for rehearsing, recording, Podcasting and even hosting private events. Our live sound stage doubles as Chicago’s premiere rehearsal venue due to it’s size (accommodating most possible ensembles) and the available sound system options. The Bunker OP is a full acoustically tuned digital suite recording suite ready for music production, film and video work. Bunker OP is reasonably priced for all production needs. Studios B through F are contracted for all types of production work as well as other media products. 35th St. Studios has stage/production rooms with vocal booths that are rented hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. At 35th Street we are proud to be able to encourage the next generation of sound engineers.